In a startling event, close to 200 individuals had to evacuate an airplane at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport in Sweden on December 10. This evacuation became necessary as the plane’s cabin became filled with smoke during the engine startup in preparation for takeoff.The Buzz Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, affiliated with the Poland-based partner of the Irish air carrier Ryanair, was getting ready for departure to Krakow, Poland, when the emergency situation unfolded.

In a series of videos, the tumultuous scene unfolds as passengers urgently disembark the aircraft using inflatable emergency slides deployed at the plane’s doors. Amid the chaos, first responders and airport staff extend assistance to passengers in their evacuation efforts, with a fleet of emergency vehicles surrounding the aircraft on the snow-covered tarmac. Remarkably, no injuries were reported. The footage also captures the smoke-filled cabin, portraying the 189 frightened passengers gathering their belongings and forming a line for a swift exit from the plane.

A spokesperson from Ryanair issued a statement indicating that engineers from Buzz were conducting an examination of the aircraft. Simultaneously, a replacement aircraft had been dispatched to Arlanda to transport the passengers to their original destination. The statement clarified, “A Buzz aircraft at Arlanda reported fumes in the cabin this morning (10 Dec). As a precautionary measure, passengers were evacuated and returned to the terminal.” The representative expressed sincere apologies to the affected passengers for the inconvenience and assured that efforts were underway to minimize the delay. Additionally, refreshment vouchers were distributed to passengers at Arlanda.

In a separate incident back in September, Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O’Leary faced an unexpected encounter when environmental protesters in Brussels targeted him with pies. As reported by the BBC, O’Leary was about to address the public outside European Union headquarters when two female demonstrators, clad in black, swiftly approached and smudged him with cream pies. The precise moment of the incident was captured in a video that rapidly gained traction online. “Stop the pollution,” exclaimed one of the women just before delivering a pie to O’Leary’s face. Another protester chimed in, “Welcome in Belgium,” while striking the airline chief in the back of the head with another pie.

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