The United Kingdom has affirmed its dedication to doubling its investment with the aim of addressing climate change and bolstering climate resilience and adaptation measures in Pakistan.

 British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Jane Marriott, conveyed this commitment during a reception at her residence commemorating the birthday of King Charles III on Tuesday evening. The chief guest at the event was Caretaker Foreign Minister Syed Jalil Abbas Jailani.

During her address, Ms. Marriott underscored King Charles’s deep connection with Pakistan and expressed optimism regarding the continued growth of relations between Pakistan and the United Kingdom. In discussing the climate challenges confronting Pakistan, she highlighted the nation’s vulnerability, particularly in the aftermath of last year’s devastating floods that submerged a third of Pakistan, impacting approximately 33 million people.

Recognizing Pakistan’s susceptibility to climate-related challenges, the high commissioner reaffirmed the United Kingdom’s active support at COP-28 for establishing a substantial fund to address losses and damages incurred by climate-vulnerable nations. She emphasized the UK’s stance favoring a broader, environmentally conscious, and fair international financial response to climate change.

Designating the celebratory event to the pivotal cause of climate change, the high commissioner drew attention to the inherent link between the theme of COP-28 and the broader issue of climate change.

 She reiterated the UK’s unwavering commitment to implementing measures that address climate change in Pakistan, underscoring the significance of collective efforts in tackling this global challenge.

Affirming the United Kingdom’s commitment, she declared collaboration with the global system for mobile communications to expand an AI-based early warning fire detection system project. “This initiative aims to broaden coverage across more areas in KP and the Federal Capital Territory, mitigating the risk of forest fires and ensuring the safety of lives and Pakistan’s biodiversity,” she stressed.

In her address to the audience, she revealed that her country has selected eight innovative projects from Pakistan for inclusion in the second phase of the UK’s climate finance accelerator (CFA) programme.

 These chosen projects will receive expert support to facilitate investment, each possessing the potential to instigate transformative changes in communities across Pakistan and address climate-related challenges.

Highlighting instances of the UK’s impactful work in Pakistan, she referenced examples such as “expanding the Chevening offer through new private partnerships” and the collaboration between the British Council, Google, and the Save and Observe Children Health (SOCH) foundation.

The high commissioner underscored that King Charles has steadfastly advocated for environmental sustainability over the past five decades.

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