A 26-year-old woman was detained for attempting to open the emergency exit door during a mid-flight incident on a Korean Air plane. According to the New York Post, she was found to be under the influence of meth. The incident occurred on a Korean Air flight from New York to Incheon, South Korea, on November 23, when the woman made repeated attempts to open the emergency exit.

Showing signs of anxiety following a 10-hour flight, the passenger grappled with the emergency door but was promptly restrained by attentive flight attendants. Upon the plane’s arrival at Incheon International Airport, law enforcement took custody of her.

Subsequent drug screening confirmed the presence of meth in her system. The Incheon International Airport Police have initiated an investigation, exploring potential violations of the Aviation Security Act and drug abuse under the Narcotics Control Act.

A law enforcement official remarked, “Ms. A is incoherent during the ongoing investigation,” and added, “We have requested a comprehensive assessment from the National Forensic Service to ascertain the type and quantity of drugs she may have consumed.”

The inquiry disclosed that Ms. A had been in New York for over six months before entering the country the day before and had no documented history of mental illness or psychiatric treatment.

As reported by Fox News, individuals who attempt to open an emergency exit door could face up to a 10-year prison sentence. Furthermore, those confronting drug charges might potentially be subject to a 10-year imprisonment or a fine surpassing $76,000.

In a similar incident in India back in September, a passenger on an IndiGo flight allegedly tried to open the emergency exit door while the plane was in flight. The individual also faced allegations of misconduct with the cabin crew. Prompt action from both crew members and fellow passengers successfully thwarted the attempt, and the flight safely landed at Agartala. Subsequent police disclosures revealed that the man was grappling with depression and had expressed a desire to jump from the plane.

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