On Tuesday, the French government declared a sweeping prohibition on smoking at all of the country’s beaches, public parks, and forests, along with the areas surrounding schools.

 Health Minister Aurelien Rousseau underscored this change, asserting that “Non-smoking zones will henceforth be the norm” while unveiling the government’s anti-smoking initiative.

Rousseau underscored that although there were already 7,200 tobacco-free zones in France, these had predominantly been designated by local authorities rather than the central government.

“We are delegating the responsibility and establishing a principle that will become the norm,” declared Rousseau.

Rousseau also mentioned an increase in cigarette taxes, revealing that a pack of 20, currently priced at around 11 euros ($12), will rise to 12 euros by 2025 and 13 euros the subsequent year.

Additionally, the government is set to prohibit “puffs,” referring to single-use disposable e-cigarettes that have gained popularity, especially among young individuals.

With the objective of achieving “the first tobacco-free generation by 2032,” as promised by President Emmanuel Macron, Rousseau outlined the government’s ambitious goals.

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