Sri Lanka is currently facing a nationwide electricity blackout due to a system failure, as officially reported. The entire country is now experiencing a loss of power, prompting authorities to actively address and rectify the issue.

This extensive power disruption is impacting essential services, including transportation, healthcare, and communication.

 Emergency response teams are on high alert to manage immediate challenges arising from the power outage.

Citizens are urged to remain composed and patient as authorities work to restore electricity to affected areas. Investigations into the root cause of the system failure are underway, and updates will be provided as the situation unfolds

A widespread power outage has gripped Sri Lanka, attributed to a system failure, according to a government official’s statement on Saturday. 

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), the nation’s power monopoly, is actively engaged in efforts to restore power, as stated by CEB spokesperson Noel Priyantha. The restoration process is currently underway to address the country’s electricity disruption.

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