Renowned motivational speaker and social media influencer, Vivek Bindra, is currently facing allegations of domestic violence lodged by his brother-in-law in Noida’s Sector 126, according to police reports.

The complaint, filed by Vaibhav Kwatra, the brother of Bindra’s wife, Yanika, states that the incident occurred at the Supernova West Residency in Noida’s Sector 94, the couple’s place of residence.

In the early hours of December 7, a heated dispute unfolded between Bindra and his mother, Prabha. Initially a family disagreement, the situation escalated when Yanika intervened to mediate, leading to a reported physical assault by Bindra. The alleged assault has resulted in significant injuries to Yanika, as depicted in a video that has since circulated widely on social media. Police have registered a case against Bindra in response to the complaint.

As per the details outlined in the FIR, Bindra and Yanika tied the knot on December 6. Shockingly, just hours after their wedding, Bindra is accused of taking Yanika into a room where he allegedly subjected her to verbal abuse, pulled her hair, and physically assaulted her. The complaint asserts that Yanika’s ability to hear has been affected due to the assault, and Bindra purportedly went on to break her phone.

Bindra, who serves as the CEO of Bada Business Private Limited (BBPL) and boasts a substantial following on YouTube and Instagram, is also entangled in another controversy. Notably, fellow Indian motivational speaker and YouTuber Sandeep Maheshwari released a video on his YouTube channel titled “Big Scam Expose,” presenting testimonials from students who claim to have been deceived by Bindra’s company. Despite the allegations, Bindra has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

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