Social media sensation Andrea Ivanova, recognized for having the world’s largest lips, recently treated herself to more lip fillers as a Christmas gift, according to a report in The Mirror. Engaging in a unique holiday endeavor, she has been reportedly “auctioning off mistletoe kisses for cash” and invested approximately 20,000 pounds in enhancing her distinctive pout.

Now, at 26 years old, Ivanova has set her sights on achieving a new record for the World’s Largest Cheeks. Expressing her desire to welcome the new year with fresh procedures, she mentioned, “I don’t know exactly how much I have in my face. I have constantly been putting it in for years, so the amount is quite large.”

Despite her enthusiasm for cosmetic enhancements, Ivanova acknowledged that her friends and family are growing increasingly concerned about her well-being. She shared, “They (family and relatives) think that something bad will happen to me, and that all beauty procedures may lead to fatal consequences in the future. I know they don’t like my appearance with all these changes; they think I’m too scandalous and unaesthetic—but I like myself too much in this way,” she conveyed to the outlet.

Ms. Ivanova expressed her intention to further “enhance” her face with additional fillers in the upcoming year. Asserting her autonomy over her choices, she stated, “I’m an adult, and I decide what to do with my body. Every year, I consider new fillers as a gift for myself.”

Having previously pursued philosophy, she commented, “I give myself new hyaluronic acid injections for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I like to enter the new year with numerous new procedures and fillers. I thoroughly enjoy undergoing aesthetic procedures for my face; it’s my favorite activity, and I’m eagerly anticipating the next ones for my entire face.”

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